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2.8L Pet Water Fountain with Filter for Cats and Puppies

2.8L Pet Water Fountain with Filter for Cats and Puppies

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Introducing our 2.8L Pet Water Fountain, designed with your feline friends in mind. This innovative cat water purifier combines several outstanding features to make your pet's life more enjoyable:

Feature1: Water Fountain for Cats Purifier Ensure your cat's hydration with this water fountain, equipped with a built-in purifier to keep their water fresh and clean.

Feature2: Cat Automatic Feeders The automatic feeding function ensures that your cats always have access to fresh water, even when you're not around.

Feature3: Large Capacity Water Drinker Bowl With its generous 2.8-liter capacity, this water drinker bowl can accommodate multiple pets, making it ideal for households with more than one cat.

Feature4: Drinker for Cat This water fountain provides a convenient and dedicated drinking spot for your beloved feline companion, promoting their health and well-being.

Feature5: Pet Accessories for Cats Our product is not just a water fountain; it's also a valuable pet accessory designed to enhance your cat's comfort and quality of life.

Feature6: Cat Water Filter The included water filter ensures that the water your cat drinks is pure and free from impurities, contributing to their overall health.

Invest in the well-being of your cats with our 2.8L Pet Water Fountain, the perfect solution for providing them with fresh, clean water and a convenient drinking experience.

Product Details

1x Water Fountain


• Capacity: 2.8L


• Plastic


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