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Flies Feline Catnip Chewy Toy

Flies Feline Catnip Chewy Toy

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Introducing the Flies Feline Catnip Chewy Toy, the ultimate toy for your feline friend's playful and chewing needs. This unique toy combines whimsical design and catnip-infused fun to provide endless entertainment for your furry companion.

The Flies Feline Catnip Chewy toy features a captivating fly-inspired design, complete with vibrant colors and intricate details. Its playful and lifelike appearance is sure to catch your cat's attention and spark their natural hunting instincts.

But that's not all! This chewy toy also boasts a secret weapon – a hidden catnip pouch located on the bottom of the fly. Catnip is known to have a mesmerizing effect on most cats, inducing a state of pure feline bliss. By incorporating a catnip pouch into the design, we've taken playtime to a whole new level, ensuring that your cat will be thoroughly engaged and entertained.

Crafted from durable and non-toxic materials, the Flies Feline Catnip Chewy toy is built to withstand your cat's energetic play sessions and satisfy their chewing desires. It is designed to be bite-resistant and long-lasting, providing hours of entertainment while promoting healthy teeth and gums.

Whether your cat enjoys pouncing, batting, or simply gnawing on toys, the Flies Feline Catnip Chewy toy is the perfect companion. Watch as your beloved feline friend chases, chews, and explores this delightful toy, providing them with mental stimulation and exercise.

Indulge your cat's natural instincts and treat them to the irresistible combination of playfulness, chewing satisfaction, and catnip bliss. Bring home the Flies Feline Catnip Chewy toy today and witness the joy it brings to your furry friend's life!

(Note: Always supervise your cat during playtime and remove any damaged toys to ensure their safety.)

Product Details

1x Pet Toy


• 5cm * 5cm * 9cm / 2" * 2" * 3.5"


• Short Pile Fabric

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