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Natural Catnip Rotatable Wall Ball For Cats

Natural Catnip Rotatable Wall Ball For Cats

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Introduce excitement into your feline friend's life with the Natural Catnip Rotatable Wall Ball For Cats. 

These wall-ball toys are filled with natural catnip, which is known to attract cats and provide them with a stimulating and enjoyable experience. Catnip can help relieve stress, reduce anxiety, and encourage exercise. The rotatable feature of these wall balls makes them even more captivating for your cat. The ball can be spun, making it a dynamic and engaging toy. The textured surface of the ball aids in cleaning your cat's teeth and gums as they play and chew on it, contributing to their dental health. 

Enhance your bond with your cat and keep them active and content with these catnip wall balls. Whether it's pouncing, batting, or simply rolling them around, your cat will be thoroughly entertained.

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• Natural Catnip 

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