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USB-Powered Pet Paw Washer: Clean, Easy, and Long-Lasting

USB-Powered Pet Paw Washer: Clean, Easy, and Long-Lasting

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Extended Battery Life: Offers an exceptionally prolonged battery duration, ensuring prolonged use without frequent recharging.
Soft Silicone Composition: Crafted with a soft silicone construction, ensuring a gentle touch on your pet's paws for a comfortable and safe cleansing experience.
Single-Button Accessibility: The one-button operation simplifies usage, allowing effortless access and control.
Convenient Single-Hand Operation: Engineered with a one-touch design, enabling easy maneuvering and operation with just one hand.
Effortless Maintenance: The detachable design facilitates hassle-free cleaning. The removable silicone brush pad can be easily extracted and cleaned with water for consistent hygiene and reusability.
Safe and Detachable Soft Silicone Brush: The dog paw cleaning cup features a densely soft silicone brush composed of food-grade materials. This design not only ensures a secure and gentle cleaning process but also aids in relaxing the paw muscles without causing any harm or discomfort to your beloved pet.

Product Details

1x Pet Paw Washer


• 11.5cm * 15.5cm * 20cm


• Plastic

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